Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Day Off at Hollywood Studios!

So yesterday I had a day off but it rained all day. At night I had to go to my disney heritage class, which was a field trip to magic kingdom. It was pouring and wet but the tour was interesting and fun to learn.

Then today it was sunny. I went to marketing you in the morning then Cheryl and I had lunch at olive garden. Then cheryl and I went to hollywood studios and met up with our friend markus! Then we saw the beauty and the beast show, great movie ride, muppet 3D, lights motors action extreme stunt show, and tower of terror. It was a blast. At night we went to the Patterson event where we got free food and danced our butts off. We also got to meet mickey and minnie! It was such a fun day! P.S to Quintin who is sick Get better little buddy!Below are pictures of Cheryl, Markus, Norma, and I at Carnevale the Patterson Event! The book Markus is holding is the guideline to his life, he bought it today and it is fabulous!

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