Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a Busy Week!

Hello Everyone!

This week was crazy! I had traditions and lots and lots of traing. I've been to EPCOT and Magic Kingdom to play in the park with my roomates. I've met lots of awesome people and am having a great time. My costume is alright and I will put a picture below. My roomies and I often have dance parties in the living room and photo shoots as well I will put some of those pictures below as well. I'm starting to miss home a bit especially after I saw illuminations with out my family. I had no body to sing the walk out song with, my roomies didnt know all the words... but anyways Im having a blast and can't wait till I get more days to play in the parks! Oh and a special shout out to my niece Gracie, great job at your competition. Im sad I couldn't be there, but I will see you dance when I get home.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day Two

Okay I wont be writting everyday, but lately I have time so I will when I have time. Today we went to a housing meeting where they talked about rules and regulations, how the buildings are run, busses, work, ect. for about 2ish hours. It was long and mostly boring and obvious. Some of it was helpful, but most wasn't. The top ten things people get terminated for amused me I think it was drugs and alcohol, threats, vandalism, threats, some other stuff too. Then I chilled out in the afternoon and at like 2 ish we went to walmart. I went to get an extension cord and power strip and mangaged to forget to get both of those items. I did get some shoes and some stamps so postcards will be coming soon. Then after walmart I made some dinner and Im hoping that tonight I can skype with Christopher for the first time, so lets hope it works okay. Tomorrow is traditions(a lot like an orientation) and I have to catch a bus at 6:45am to get there on time with my roomate Bianca. Hope tomorrow is fun and I hope to go to EPCOT as soon as I'm done with traditions. Wish me luck!

Monday, January 24, 2011

First Day of Walt Disney World College Program!!

Hey everyone! I miss you all so much already! So I got to Florida late Saturday night. We ate at downtown disney at my favorite sandwhich place earl of sandwhich and then crashed at the hotel. Then on Sunday we went shopping at downtown disney and around town. Today we drove over and checked in for WDWCP at Vista Way. Then I went through long long long lines and did paper work, got ID's, and tons of paperwork!!! I met my roomates in line while talking. The whole check in stuff took from like 9am till 1pm. Then mom and dad had meanwhile been moving my stuff into patterson! Then my roomie Sue and I went to lunch at waffle house with Mom and Dad. Then Sue and the rest of our roomies got settled and got to know eachother. Later on I went and got tons of stuff at walmart including groceries! Thank god for mom and dad helping me get settled. It took all day to get everything set. For dinner my new roomies and my parents and I had pizza and dad set up my computer! So my roomies are: Bianca (Detroit, Michigan) rooming with Jasmine (Texas), Mariya (Minnesota)rooming with Laura (Michigan), and Me rooming with Sue (Jersey!). So thats all my roomies and below ill put some pictures of the place/roomies!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

One More Day!

So I only have one more day left in Wisconsin. That's right tomorrow at 2pm I will be in the car with Mom and Dad headed to Orlando, Florida! Tonight I'm having dinner with all my lovely friends and then we are going out to a bar. It should be a wonderful night and one last chance to say good bye to everyone.
Christopher has been really awesome to me lately. He's been taking me out all week trying to make the best of our last week together. We went to a movie, dinner and another movie, tonight dinner and bar, and tomorrow who knows. Last Friday he took off work to spend some quality time with me before I go to Disney and we went to the museum and bowling. Here are the pictures below...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Starting to get Excited

So I'm starting to get excited and stay excited so Im going to write out a list of stuff I want to do while at Disney!

-Go to all four parks
-Go to the water parks
-Be in the sun as much as possible (maybe ill get a little tan)
-Send postcards to friends/boyfriend
-Show Megan and Chris my favorite place in the world!
-write on my blog
-Enjoy my Disney classes
-Make many friends!
-Love my job :)
- Sea world
-Universal Studios
-Go to a beach
-Work out(I hope i have time for this)
- Eat out at new places in Disney
- Have LOTS OF FUN!!!

So yeah, hope its a great time I know that I will miss everyone, but hopefully I will be so busy that I won't have to much time to miss them. By the way, 6 days till I leave for WDWCP (for those who don't know this stands for Walt Disney World College Program)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

1st assignment for class

So as part of my internship I have to write a journal entry every week. I might as well put them on here because they might be interesting some times. So here is the first one about goal setting:

In two weeks I will be heading down to Orlando, Florida to start my Walt Disney World Internship through their college program, before I go I am going to set some goals. By setting these goals it will help me to stay focused on what I want out of this experience and to make the best of this experience as well.  By participating in the WDW College Program I hope to gain lots of friends and learn about myself.  I am really excited to meet people from around the world and have an awesome place to go and hang out with them. I hope to make some money, to live, learn, and have fun along the way. I will learn about myself, how to handle the stress of being in a completely different place away from anyone I know and love. I am sure that being away from everyone will only strengthen our bond.
When I am at the Walt Disney World College Program I will be taking a three credit Disney Collegiate course and a one credit Disney exploration course. I know these classes will be a great opportunity, and I will gain all the knowledge that I can through them. Through the Disney classes I hope to gain professional skills like interviewing skills and resume writing. This way when I finish school and go out into the real world it might be easier to get a job. By learning these professional skills it will lead me to be better prepared for a career because I will be better at writing resumes, networking, and interviewing.
            As a result of the Walt Disney World College Program, the worst thing that could happen would be having a bout of homesickness or a relapse in my depression. I think that once I get all settled in and get busy with work, school, and making friends I will be too busy to be homesick; so I only worry about that for the first few weeks, then I think I will be okay. It will also be helpful to call home a lot and write letters and emails to friends. If I had a relapse in my depression, I have faith that I could make it through. I have medication, coping strategies, and Disney World to distract me from sadness. I think that the worse won’t happen, because I am prepared.
            The best thing that could happen to be as a result of the Walt Disney World College Program is making tons of friends, having tons of fun, and loving the time there. The best experience would mean loving my job and coworkers, adapting to the new environment, and learning professional skills to better prepare me to find a job after I graduate from graduate school. I expect there to be a lot of work, but I also expect that work to be fun, because of the environment that I am working in. Yes, work can be a drag, but I am going to be working in the most magical place on earth. What more could I ask for?