Friday, April 29, 2011

Finally Universal!!!

So my entire program I have really wanted to go to universal and see harry potter world. So on Tuesday I went to Universal Islands of Adventures with my friend Alex and her boyfriend Shawn. We took the trolly all the way there and we had a blast. First we went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and went on the Hogwarts ride twice then had some butter beer which is delicious. Then we headed over to Jurasic Park then Alex started to feel really sick so she decided to leave with her boyfriend because her and her boyfriend have season passes. So I spent the rest of my day alone, which made me miss my family cuz every one else was with their families. but i lived and ended up having a decent time. However Universal needs to seriously work on their theming. Most of the lands you actually feel like you are actually in Dr. Suess world, or hogwarts, or a comic book, but the rides lack a story. I feel that when you ride the hulk roller coaster, wheather or not you have seen the movie or read the comics you should understand the story of the ride, which I did not. They often show videos to explain the story in the que lines, but since the lines are loud or move fast you often miss the story. Also from jurasic park you can see hogwarts! bad themeing. Also, in the que line for the hogwarts ride you can see part of the ride building.. bad themeing! But, overall I had fun, just its not as good as disney.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wow its been a long time

Hi guys it has been some time since i have had time to update my blog. It's easter so Happy Easter to you all. Why am I writing on easter you ask? Because I called in sick, because im sick and I can't possibly imagine working till 5 am when i am sick. Yes I work till 5am! This past week has been crazy I worked till 4am three nights in a row, then 3:15, then 3:45am. Last night I went home early because I wasn't feeling well. Today I just slept and lounged around, dyed easter eggs with my roomie, and watched burlesque.

Since my program is done in 26 days!!! I am trying to have as much fun as possible. I've been to the parks a lot, resort hoping, and out to dinner. I have also planned to go to the mall tomorrow to get a formal dress for our formal on may 2 (also Gracies 9th birthday) and then on tuesday I am going to universal. I am really excited to see harry potter world. I guess I'll post some pictures of my recent adventures.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Water Park, Class, No Hoop De Doo Revue, and EPCOT

So today I had off and at 11am I went to Blizzard Beach with my friend Kayla from work. yes we have the same name and love to call each other by out names cuz it is fun. I have never been to a disney water park, so I was thinking like everything else disney it would be amazing, like nothing i'd ever seen before. So its not that great I mean its nice a lot like Six Flag's water park back home, but not that over the top exciting like I expect disney to be. Still it was fun, we went on a few rides, ate some food, and headed home. Below is the picture of Kayla and I on the way home:)

After the water park I went to my weekly disney heritage class where today I learned all about EPCOT. It was great and our guest presenter was really funny. Next I was suppose to go to Hoop De Doo Revue but everyone bailed on me. So instead I went to EPCOT with Cheryl, Ryan, and Justina. Below are some of our adventures!