Saturday, February 26, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Hey guys,

My job is starting to get slightly better. Im getting to know my coworkers and starting to like it there more. I've met some great people working till 2 am in the morning, but after work we sometimes do fun stuff like go to IHOP and eat pancakes! I only have off two days a week and I make the most of them. This monday Grandma and Granpa are coming from Tampa to spend the day with me. I think we will go to Downtown disney and go up on the big ballon. Also do some shopping at the boardwalk and have a nice lunch together. Then next week mom and dad come to visit, which I am soooo excited about. It will be nice to see them and nice to have some time off of work. Then a couple weeks after mom and dad visit, Chris, Megan, and chris' friends Robin and Tim are coming to visit. That will be a blast.

Anyways last week I didn't write so i thought i would update you. I went to clearwater beach with Sara, Ed, and Andrew and we had a great time, but I got sunburned really badly. Its now blisterd and starting to pop and then peel, really gross! Then on Tuesday after class Cheryl and her friend Markus and I went to animal kingdom. We saw the nemo show and lion king show and went on expedition everest and dinosaur. I loved going on Dinosaur cuz Cheryl was hiding and Markus was yelling and screaming with jazz hands lol. Our picture was quite halarious.

Work this week has been okay, I work till midnight, 1am, or 2am every single night. Its great once the guest leave. My biggest pet peave is guests who speak english fluently yelling one word questions at me like magnets? magnets? Come on people please form complete scentences. Anyway better get ready for work.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Animal Kingdom

Hey guys,

Today I went to Animal Kingdom. I was suppose to go with my friend Alex but he backed out last minute. So instead I planned to go on my own, but I met a guy named Chris on the bus. He was on his own too cuz he was going to visit his girlfriend. So we went on the safari ride, mount everest, dinosaur, walked some trails, and had some great junk food. I'll put some pictures below, but I wanted to let you know that Im starting to hate my job. I am so sick of doing retail I've done it for years hate it and will always hate it. If its slower its fun to talk to guests and help people get things from the back, however I hate register and hate when its super busy, because it gives you no time to breathe. Sadly, I have yet to encounter a nice boss, but I have meet some awesome fellow cast members. Well here are the pictures from animal kingdom, the giraffe ones are for gracie!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Good Bye Toon Town, Hello Arron Rogers!

So today my roomies Bianca, Laura, Maryia, and my friend Cheryl and I went to go see Arron Rogers at Magic Kingdom. Last night he helped the packers win the super bowl so he was there today in a mini parade to celebrate the victory of their MVP. We were all so excited to see a famous foot ball player. We took lots of pictures and had a blast. Next we went to toon town because next week it will be gone forever to make room for the new fantasy land expansion. We took a lot of pictures in toon town as well because it will be gone soon. Then we went on the pooh ride and the pirates ride, but cut our day short because it got really cold and rainy. Enjoy the pictures below:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Work, Work, Work, Play!

Wow, life is really busy here. I usually work about 5 days in a row and then I have two days off. Usually Monday and Tuesday, which is also when I have classes, starting next week. I am getting the hang of things at work and really enjoy making the magic. I work at the emporium on main street at magic kingdom. Sure parades pass by, but I usually don't get to see any of it. I love giving kids stickers, its amazing how much of a smile you get just for a dinky stickey with a mickey on it. The best parents i met so far gave their two little girls a charm for their charm bracelet every day that they made good choices and behaved. I thought that was such a cute idea. I went to hollywood studios yesterday with my friends Alex, Cheryl, roomie Laura, and roomie Maryia. It was so much fun, we rode rockin roller coaster, tower of terror, back lot tour, met lotso, and lots of other fun stuff. Today I work and monday and tuesday im off again! Yeah, so Cheryl and I are going to animal kingdom on Monday! I miss you all!